BL Group. Bakkour Laalou and Sons for trading and industry
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BL GROUP was first founded in the early of 1960s as a family owned enterprise concerned in agriculture and exporting agricultural products.

Since the very beginning the group rapidly grew to become a significant role in the Syrian economy, and the major affiliates of BL are among the nation's top ranked companies in their respective field.

As the group believes that clients are its first priority, BL offers a perfect business environment which leads for the employees to accomplish and achieve their goals and consequently they will endeavor to satisfy their domestic and overseas clients.

On the other hand, BL is totally aware of its environmental responsibility, and with its belief of making the world a better place for our children, the group has engaged in all possible efforts to make all its activities aimed towards the basic principle of the current time “be green”.

Affiliated companies:

• L.I.D.A domestic appliances.
• I.E.S industrial electrical systems.
• PHOENIX building and contracting.
• ALTUMOOR processing vegetable oil.

The group also owns number of commercial centers in Syria and other Arab countries that support the marketing aspect of the products and services provided by BL, which satisfy clients' needs in everyday life.

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